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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 27, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EST

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bill: guys, thank you for that, 9:00 in new york and 12 hours and count to go president obama's first state of the union address officially on the hill, the president will stand in front of congress tonight and the american people and try and convince the country his administration can still fix our economy despited limited progress over the past 12 months. in the president's first year, the federal government burned through $265 billion in stimulus money and despite all that cash, the total unemployment in america today has climbed by almost 4 million during the same time. one out of every seven american workers today, without a job and asking if washington has any clue what is happening back on main street. this is like a buildup to the super bowl, this is a 12-hour pregame. martha: it is, and as you talked about, there are serious consequences. bill: i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning, i'm
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martha maccallum, it is hard to imagine the stakes being any higher for the president tonight, and if you want evidence of where we stand, here it is, a fox news opinion poll shows if the election were held today, more americans would vote for, quote, someone else other than the president, 47 percent would cast their vote for another candidate, 43 percent would back the president if voting today, a president whose popularity was called transformational, it crossed so many boundaries just a year ago when he started that presidency. bill over the next two hours, we have a great lineup, first, judd gregg, ranking member of the senate budget committee, welcome back, senator, good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: how do we fix this deep financial hole that we find ourselves in today? >> stop spending. it's very simple, really. the government is up to
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25 percent of gdp, we have an administration and congress genuinely believes that if you grow government, you create prosperity and they're wrong, you don't create prosperity by growing government. if you allow government to grow faster than your economy can support it, that's what's happening here, we're add to go this debt, passing on a massive amount of debt to our children and as a result putting our fiscal house at significant risk. in fact there's no question we will be on a course to financial bankruptcy in my opinion as a nation within 7-10 years, unless we take action, and the action what to occur primarily on the spending side. bill: if the president were to come out and say exactly what you're saying, he would need republicans to get behind him. would you? >> absolutely. let me give smu ideas. first, you have a real freeze, that means a freeze of discretionary spending without inflation adjustment, it means you do not spend the t.a.r.p. money, you use it to reduce the debt, you do not extend
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stimulus beyond 2010 because we're out of the recession, you do not use that on top of the debt and the health care bill, there was a significant amount of savings and instead of dispanding the government or expanding entitlement which is they also did in the health care bill, you reduce debt. if he suggested that game plan, i'd be there, with him and do i could to make sure it passes. bill: do you expect to hear any of that tonight? >> no. what i expect to hear today is a lot of good language, he's a great speaker and i admire that, he will talk about a discretionary freeze, he will speak about a discretionary freeze but the numbers i've seen on the discretionary freeze are called into question for me because i think it's inflation-adjusted and doesn't address t.a.r.p. or the stimulus, big holes, you're talking about a trillion dollars in spending for those programs if you don't adjust spending on them. it's close to 750 billion. bill: excuse me? >> closer to 750 billion on
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those two programs. bill: the head of the cbo, doug elbendorf, was talking yesterday and a lot of this stuff can get dry, frankly, but what he said at the end of this conference stunned me. roll this and we'll talk about it. >> the outlook for the federal budget is bleak. to be sure, the budget conditions are uncertain, actual decifits will be significantly smaller than we expect or significantly larger, we believe those projections balance that risk. bill bin laden i did not hear a lot of optimism in that comment. >> there is no optimism if you're honest. the simple fact is we are on a course that is staggeringly unsupportable from a standpoint of our capacity as a nation to pay for our debt. i mean, when you're driving the government up to 25 percent of gdp and in fact headed towards 30 percent of gdp, those are numbers we have never had in this country except during
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world war ii, and to finance those types of spending, that type of growth in the government, you have to run the debt up to 100 percent of gdp. 100 percent of gdp is something you see in elbow nana -- banana republic, you don't see it in strong, fiscally responsible nations, industrial nations which have an economy that has some chance of being aggressive and prosperous. we are on a course to be insolvent, it's that simple and if we don't do something soon, curtail the rate of growth in the government and do something to the debt that we're piling on our kids' back, we're going to be catching our own tail. bill: judd gregg, we'll wait to see what the president has to say tonight, senator, thank you no your time. martha: we want to hear when you -- what you think about the current state of our union today, head to our website and in the you decide poll, click on the you decide link
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that asks what is the state of this union right now in 2010. do you think we are a thriving nation, or are we just getting by at this point? do you think there's a won ling happening in this country? let us know what your sentiment is, how you feel about the state of the union as you get ready to listen to the president,. >> bill: also front and center, bret baier covers this, o'reilly is on before that, jeff is on before that, it's all here on prime time at the fox channel, we'll have it for you. martha: there's another big story out there today and it is this, could the plan to bring khalid shaikh mohammed to new york for his trial, could that plan be coming apart now? there's a bipartisan group of senators pushing to move that trial out of the civilian court system in new york and right now the
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department of justice plans to try admitted mastermind for 9/11 khalid sheikh mohammed in a federal courtroom in new york city. that has met quite a bit of dispute. there's a group of six senators from both sides of the aisle, asking attorney general eric holder not to do this, they want to move the trials to a military commission. coming up we'll speak with republican lindsey graham out of south carolina who is fired up about what he see as momentum to stop from that happening. bill: where the tables have turned, the undercover filmmaker exposed potentially illegal shan an begans in acorn, now finding himself on the other side of the law and in a significant way. james o'keefe arrested yesterday, along with three others, including the son of a federal prosecutor. police say the four men, ages 24 and 25, got into louisiana office of democratic senator mary landrieu under false
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pretense and quote tried to interfere with the phone lines. the charges carry a maximum of ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine. you remember last year, o'keefe disguised himself as a pimp, secretly videotaped acorn employees, telling him and a female colleague how to illegally profit from prostitution. we're working this story again this morning, much more in a matter of minutes on "america's newsroom". martha: have you heard this, toyota motor company is doing something no carmaker has done before, halting all u.s. sales of eight of their top selling models and they're also stopping a lot of production as well, which you usually don't hear, and all of this is over safety concerns, the suspension includes camry and corolla, both of which are in the top ten in u.s. car sales last year. according to fox's brain room, the suspension affects over 2 million vehicles out there and toyota's general
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manager is saying the move will be necessary, really, until they find a remedy to this sticking gas pedal which they're obviously quite concerned about. let's go to david lee miller who is live at toyota in manhattan with the very latest on this. david, what exactly is the safety concern with these cars that so many americans drive? >> reporter: well, you said it very clearly, martha, it is a stuck gas pedal, when the gas pedal is depressed, it returns to normal very, very slowly and that can cause the vehicle to continue to accelerate against the driver's wishes, so the consequences here can be dire. and as you mentioned, this is unprecedented, nothing like this has ever happened in the auto industry. what we're talking about now, eight different vehicles' sales production are being hatted, the vehicles account for more than half of toyota's u.s. sales. let's bring up now the list of vehicles. i'll take you through it. we're talking about the suv, rav-4, corolla, matrix,
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avalon, cam are, high launder, tundra truck, as well as the sequoia, and as a consequence they'll stop production, that means at least part of the production at five assembly lines is also going to be halted, this now as toyota desperately tries to find a solution to this problem. martha? martha: how long have they known about this, david lee? was there a surprise to this? >> reporter: this is not entirely a surprise. given toyota is -- even toyota is admitting in documents on file in washington that as far back as 2007, there was a problem with one of its cars, they thought it was repaired, there was a problem in europe, last month, there was a recall of 4.2 million toyotas, that's because the eek sell rater pedal apparently was interfering with the floor mats and that caused the vehicles to accelerate, a few days ago, another recall, 2.3 million
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cars. there's an overlap of 1.7 million cars. this is not entirely a surprise. very quickly, i should say, martha, one consumer advocacy group says this problem goes as far back to 1919 -- 1999, more than 2000 cars and 18 fatalities. martha: there are a lot of toyotas on the road in this country. big news, david lee miller, thank you very much. bill: never seen it like this before, have we? martha: no. he said since 1999, even if you're not in the recall, you've got to have questions, you know. bill: gary gat -- gastelau covers all things auto at and he'll join us later. a forecast that holds headaches for a huge part of the country, a significant ice storm in the south, a wintery mess again in the northeast. weekend after weekend here. janice dean has that. martha: there's a growing force to move the 9/11
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terror trials out of the civilian court system in new york city and boy, have a lot of people been fired up about this, there's a bipartisan group of senators saying khalid shaikh mohammed and his cohorts should be tried as war criminal, not as common criminals. the senator joins us next. >> the administration has made a mistake that could bring that administration down. this is one issue where most people don't see the other side. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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martha: all right, this is fired up, folks, senators on both sides of the aisle calling on the department of justice to ditch their controversial plan to bring the 9/11 suspects who were at gitmo so long to the civilian court system in downtown new york city, just blocks away from ground zero. right now the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 2001 attack, khalid shaikh mohammed and the other suspects are set to go on trial in new york city in the federal courthouse and now a group of six senators really want to prevent this from happening, urging the doj in a letter to move that trial to a military commission. among them is senator joe lieberman. listen to what he had to say >> they have committed an act of war. in fact, after 9/11, we adopted a resolution here in congress which was effectively a declaration of war in response to that attack, so they don't deserve the constitutional protections of our court,
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not to mention the homeland security problems of holding that trial in new york, for the city of new york and the expenses to protect people in the city is just a bad idea. martha: joining me now is a senator who very much agrees with that sentiment, south carolina senator lindsey graham, he serves on the homeland security committee and he joins me from capitol hill. >> good morning. martha: you said before we went to break that you believe this issue is of such great importance that if the administration messes this up in your view, it could bring the administration down? >> yeah, not just trying khalid shaikh mohammed in civilian court but after they try to blow up a plane with american citizens on board, criminalizing the whole war process i think could bring this administration down because it makes no sense to most americans. they understand that these terrorists are not common
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criminals, but are bent on our destruction and taking these folks back to new york, giving them the same constitutional rights as an american citizen, putting them in the middle of 8 million people, $200 million trial, criminalizing the war, makes no sense, and this is a real risk that this administration is making, a lot of people are wondering is this keeping us safe, and i don't think it is. martha: a lot of people think the two ideas are at odds, the idea you want to put the people through the criminal justice system, and read miranda rights, abdulmutallab, for example, and then on the other hand, say there are islamic extremists out there who are hell bent against us and want to kill us. these two ideas are not necessarily getting along well. >> them -- well, they are contradictory in basically court. we never read a japanese or german prisoner in world war ii their rights when we captured them on the battlefield, when we captured the people in florida that committed
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espionage in the united states, they were held as enemy combatants. i've been a military lawyer for 25 years, the military justice department is superior to our civilian system when it comes to wartime matters. the military is set up to protect classified n and is a better venue to try people who are a military threat to the country. there's a reason that america has never done this in our history. never in the history of the united states have we taken an unlawfully enemy combatant, a noncitizen and put them in civilian court, and there's a reason for that. martha: i want to get to practical terms here. you are planning to force another vote on this, you brought up an amendment on this. >> yes. martha: to move this trial. it was shut down in november by a 54-45 vote. i want to also bring up the six senators who you're working with on this because it's a very impressive group of senators, so everybody can get a look at who's involved here. there's an article last week, i guess, in newsweek that said you're getting somewhere, that there's movement on this. is this trial going to go away in new york?
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>> well, i hope it never happens in new york, because not only would it be expensive, i think it would be just an incredible misstep in the war on terror. but the amendment i offered will become legislation that will prevent fund to go transfer people from guantanamo bay to new york city and it will deny funding to the administration to do that. we can't tell them what venue to try the case in, but we can stop them from having the money to move them, and that's an effective way to stop the trial from new york. march ma i think a lot of people see eric holder, the toark at the center of this philosophy of looking at these terrorists differently than the prior administration did. has he responded to you, do you know if -- do you know if he is seeing things your way to any extent right now. >> well, i like him a lot, but we've had a strong disagreement over taking khalid shaikh mohammed and the coconspirators into civilian court, it is criminalizing the war, we do agree that about 50 or more of these detainee --
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detainees at guantanamo bay should be held according to the law, but we've had a major departure here, and the president said we're at war with al-qaeda, if we're at war with al-qaeda, we ought to act like it. when you're at war with somebody, you don't turn them over it civilian authority toss try them in central civilian court, you keep it in the military arena. martha: senator lindsey graham, thank you. bill: in a moment, imagine for a moment an earthquake so powerful it could take out on entire city. memphis, tennessee, and still be a hundred miles away from boston, massachusetts. for a moment, stop imagining. we'll take you live to the fault line in tennessee beneath the earth. martha: the filmmaker that made the undercover acorn videos is in hot water, this time it involves a u.s. senator, what the fbi and filmmaker are saying what they were up to, right after this. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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martha: we have an update now on a missing virginia tech student, a story we covered in a lot of detail, morgan harrington versus state police say they are confident they have found harrington's remains, the body was discovered in a remote farm field, about 10 miles outside charlesville, virginia. they're waiting on autopsy results to confirm that identification. those result are due sometime today. as you may remember she disappeared after a concert back on october 17th, she had been at a metallicca concert, apparently she became separated from her friends and never seen again. much more on this developing story. bill: we mentioned this about 15 minutes ago, a bizarre twist here a. sting operation and something that no republican organization could do but conservative filmmaker and activist james
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o'keefe, seen here, finds himself in the hot seat in a big way, he rocked the organization acorn, poseing -- he was age 25, he was arrested with three others, age 24, including a federal prosecutor for an alleged phone scheme involving a democratic senator in louisiana. eric shawn is looking into this, live in the newsroom in new york. what were they trying to do? >> reporter: it was not wire tapping, that's what a source close to james o'keefe told me about this caper or whatever it was, federal authorities charging him with trying to manipulate or interfere with the telephones of senator mary landrieu in her office in new orleans. they say o'keefe, you see there on the furthest by the wall, was sitting in the reception area, using a cell phone, when two other guys came in as telephone
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repairmen, claiming they were from the phone company, they started picking up the phones, testing them, that sort of thing, and when the other two guys tried to ask for the telephone closet, workers became suspicious. jim lutton, the u.s. attorney, explains. >> they were asked a number of probing questions about certain information that members of the general public were seeking the attendance -- the assistance of the agency would not ask. >> they are accused of committing a felony. when o'keefe came out of jail, he said the truth will set you free, and i've gotten this e-mail from james o'keefe's father, james o'keefe, senior, in which he said we're not aware of the fact necessary james' case and cannot make a comment accordingly, however, james is an hos honest and passionate journalist who has tried to reveal truth, we're confident in his integrity and sincerity and believe that after all the facts are
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known his intent and purpose in this matter will be understood. bill: eric shawn in our newsroom in new york. martha: we are hours away from president obama's first state of the union address. after the break, we have new details coming in from the white house on what the president is really expected to focus on tonight. we'll get you that information. bill: gather around, a messy storm may bring traffic to a standstill. janice dean has the forecast, only minutes away. martha: i'll take a little snow in vermont. i'll take that. bill: instead of the ice? martha: yeah.
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martha: look out forget there's a big winter storm that's set to sweep across this large portion of the country, a wide swath. that's another one of those words -- of wet and freezing weather. it's expected to cause major headaches out there. let me turn over talking now to janice dean for a moment at the weather center, with more. a lot of ice i guess is the biggest fear that there is out there right now, huh janice? >> reporter: absolutely, in places that don't necessarily get a lot of ice, across the southern plains. i want to show you where the cold air is right now for our friends in canada. a lot of that cold air is going to sink southward, and the timing of this cold air is really going to be an indicator of who's going to get what, snow, ice, and who's going to get rain and the possibility for severe weather. there are the temperatures right now. again, getting cold across the central and southern plains. we had a bit of a break with
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some warmer temperatures for the midwest, the northeast, but i'm afraid that is over. the ground hog might not even come out of his hole on ground hog day because that cold air is moving in. we do have a little bit of precipitation, very light in nature, across the midwest, and the central plains, but this is nothing compared to what we have brewing right now in the southwest. a lot of snow, a lot of rain, and eventually, it's going to move into places like oklahoma and missouri, where we could get significant icing. so there's oklahoma city, look at the timing, 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, this could be a significant ice event for much of the southern and central plains, then we're going to have to watch this system, guys, we could have ourselves a little snowstorm for the mid atlantic and northeast, so stay tuned, we're going to be busy in the weather center. martha: i'll take a little of that in vermont myself. we'll look out for the icy situations, thank you very much. bill: winter is here to stay. overseas, we get this from the koreans, the battle from
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the north and south ramping up moments earlier today, the north and south exchanging fire along the disputed sea border. reports say the north fired artillery in the water and the south responded with shots in the air. no word on damages or casualties. martha: another big story for you today, fox news is now confirming the u.s. special forces and intelligence agencies are on the hunt for al-qaeda in a big way right now in yemen. the stepped-up involvement, resulting in the deaths of six al-qaeda leaders out of about, they believe, 15, but they're -- that they're targeting now but the hunt is still on for this man, he's a u.s. citizen and his name keeps popping up in all of these others, he is anwar alisyn: key, the key leader of al-qaeda in yemen and courses -- ann wa al-awlaki and the president has approached a strike against these leaders and awlaki as
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of last month. he's the operation commander of the failed christmas day bombing plot and his name is prominent in everything we're watching out of yemen now, including the threats that have been also keeping up -- creeping up in this country. bill: we'll talk to an expert about that and talk about how we're helping. in the meantime, martha, later tonight, 11 1/2 hours from now, president obama delivers his state of the union address on the hill. for days the white house has been ahead of this story, trying to lay the ground work for what americans should expect to hear later dan. robert gibbs was on earlier on fox and friends and wendell goler is with us now. the main theme is what? >> two-thirds of the speech will focus on the economic challenges, and most of that will be about creating new jobs. the president will call on congress to wrap up work on a couple of pieces of legislation that would provide tax cuts for small businesses, that hire new
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workers and buy new equipment. of course, the reason for that could be seen in a "wall street journal" poll that indicates about half the country feels the president has paid too little attention to the economy and nearly half feels he has spent too much time with his push for reform of the health care system. gibbs says the president won't give up the push for health care reform, because it's tied directly to the economy. >> when people work harder and harder and they bring home less each week, it's because their health care costs go up so the president will discuss as part of the economic plans, continuing efforts to reform health care and put washington back on the side of main street, rather than insurance companies. >> reporter: health care costs rising at twice the rate of inflation really frustrates efforts to balance the budget, and he says allowing insurance companies to deny insurance to people with preexisting conditions bankrupts families. bill? bill: wendell, thank you,
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wendell is on the north lawn with a preview. martha has more now. martha: the president will be delivering that state of the union address in a political landscape that could really hardly be more different than when he was sworn in a year ago, if you really look back and think about this, and take a look at this one this is a fox news dynamic poll, it shows if an election were held today, more americans would vote for somebody who's called someone else, more than they would vote for the president, 47 to 43 percent, 43 would vote to reelect. where does the president go from here? clearly he wants to see numbers that are much better than this for his own presidency. joining us for a fair and balanced debate, juan williams and the weekly standard's stephen hayes, both are fox news contributors and terrific guests to talk about what's up for tonight. gentlemen, good to have you here. >> good to be with you, martha. martha: you look at the numbers, he's got to look at these numbers and say i need to -- to turn this around in
9:37 am
a big way, what am i doing wrong and right, he needs to reach out to the independents, those he's lost. how does he do that tonight? >> he's got to be inspiring, i think it's got to be clear he's gotten the message, that he understands what took place in massachusetts with scott brown defeating martha coakley, about having the senator's seat, he's got to be clear in terms of his sense of who he is, in other words, he can't dance around and say you know what, we've had a little blip, we're going to go on with health care as it was. no, i think the american people want to hear from him that he understands their message to him and then he can talk about the economy and then he can say this is all about jobs, and he can put everything in the context of jobs. but first and foremost, he's got to reassure people he's not a beaten man, that he's going to get up off the mat, and to use the language he used last week, he's still fighting for them. martha: i want to play a sound bite because i want to ask you a quick question
9:38 am
about health care, stephen hayes, but let's listen to what he had to say in march about health care. >> the goal will be to enact comprehensive health care reform by the end of this year. that is our commitment, that is our goal. martha: that is our commitment and that is our goal. what is your bet, steve hayes, when you look at tonight, how much time -- it's an hour speech, we're told. how much time do you think he's going to talk about health care tonight? >> i'd say very little, a few minutes. he needs to address it, especially because of the sound bite you just played. i mean, he spent the better part of his entire year pushing for health care, dozens of speeches, so he you can't just sort of ignore and it and pretend he done it, he suggest it up as a key agenda item and he needs to address t what he's going to try to do, he's going to try to put that in a broader context and to use the overused word in washington right now, pivot to this discussion of jobs and the economy. it's going to be a tough thing to pull off, though, because when you spend that much time on really one
9:39 am
subject, the -- to the exclusion of so many others, it's hard to drop it. martha: it is hard to drop it and it's shock whg you look at what harry reid said about health care, we were told it's so urgent, it has to happen immediately, now he says we're going to put it on the back burner, we think breathing time would be good for health care. i give the american people credit because we turn the corner easily, when somebody says i'm not going to focus on this anymore, i'm going to focus on this, i think the potential is there for the president to turn this, but he has talked a lot over the course of the last year. action and results, and numbers going in the right direction is what the american people have not seen. >> right. well, on the economy, in specific, martha, but on health care, you just haven't seen all the political tap tal that's invested come to anything, and of course you had a 60 majority, a filibuster in the senate, what did it get you? i guess the president can make the case that look, we used the stimulus money, the
9:40 am
spending, to prevent a deep fall into a -- a deeper recession, if not a depression, but it's a hard case to make. martha: 4 million jobs, nearly 4 million jobs have been lost. >> correct. martha: since he took office. that's a very hard argument to win. >> well, right. but his case will be it could have been worse and i think he'll say we inherited a terrible situation, make a point towards the bush administration, but i think what he's got to do in a sense is get above the static, get above the clouds. he's got to talk about americans coming together, about progress being made in the war on terror. he's got to talk about the need for looking at how we educate our children. he's got to use that kind of approach to say i'm the guy that you elected. don't forget that you trusted me. >> right. martha: steve, one lastment -- one last comment? >> i think the question is whether the president's advisers thinks he needs to change in tone or substance
9:41 am
and everything we've seen so far, they believe a change in tone would get the job done, if he becomes feistier, angrier on behalf of the american people, that will get the job done. i don't think it will work. martha: actions speak louder than words. juan and stephen, thank you. bill: we got our hands on a letter that will be delivered to attorney general eric holder in an hour's time, this time by prom nebt republicans in the senate relative to the christmas day bomber. you were talking to lindsey graham 30 minutes ago and he suggested this could bring down the administration, strong words from a republican senator that -- well, he doesn't usually go that far, let's say. they are asking several questions of eric holder, including why were key national security officials not consulted on the decision with this chris may day body bomber first and foremost as a civilian crime defendant. they also want to know why the decision was made so quickly without giving intelligence officials at least the opportunity to comment on it and it continues from there.
9:42 am
that's two questions. three, four, five, six, seven or eight more questions addressed to the attorney general. this is getting hot right now. not quite sure where it goes. but on the morning of the state of the union address, several prominent republicans wanting an answer from the attorney general. we'll see how the president does or does not address that later tonight before the national audience. martha: one thing, the president is taking clear action on and most didn't know about it, is in yemen, and this morning, fox news can confirm for you that u.s. special forces are now on the move in yemen, and they are helping to track down al-qaeda, including this person right here, he's an american citizen and he is believed to be connected to a number of recent terror attacks, and terror attempts, the christmas day bombing plot, included, and maybe the fort hood attack as well. what is being done to find this man, who is known as awlaki, in three minutes from now.
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bill: we just read that letter or announced that letter from leading republicans in the senate, relative to anwar al-awlaki, a u.s. citizen born in mexico, now a top commander of al-qaeda in yemen and may have ordered we believe the christmas day body bomber, he may have been the operational commander for a number of other plots and the list continues and fox
9:46 am
news confirming that u.s. special force and intel agencies may be gunning for him in the country of yemen, that's where we believe he is today. chris foss, terrorism expert, also managing director of inside security. chris, good morning to you. what with ce say about how much we're helping the yemeni government to track this guy down or kill him? >> the method they're using in this case is the best way to do it, it's better than training their forces and it's better than in some ways doing it ourselves, because we support them, we help them become more effective operationally and they get much better at it all the time and also then our support is not wasted. if we were just training them to go out and get somebody else, we've seen when we trained other forces up to a higher capacity, their special forces get transferred to other units and they lose it. so the method we're using here is very effective bill: what is the method?
9:47 am
fox news, we're reporting 15 top al-qaeda leaders in yemen alone have been killed. that's a pretty decent success rate. >> yes, it is. what they're doing is they're giving them the intelligence, they showed them where the targets are, they're helping them operationallize everything they're doing and then they rely upon the local forces to go out and do the job, to get it done, and that way the local government scores a victory and they become much more effective. bill: christmas day had a significant impact on the relationship between the united states and yemen, here we are just a month down the road. how close are we to awlaki, do you have any idea? >> the signs are very good. i think they would be almost -- it would be a clish ate to say they're hot on this trail but we're getting good cooperation. we've had cooperation with the government in the past in that country and there have been investigations and operations that have been run there you have
9:48 am
successfully. this is not afghanistan, not pakistan. bill: you need to trust in the yemeni government to carry this out and the track record has not always been there, though, chris. >> no, we've diverted our efforts in other directions. we've sort of been fighting the global war on terrorism, country by country, almost in a reactive mode and it's gotten ahead of us a bit in this case. but they are giving us the cooperation we need to get back after them. bin laden bill let's hope that's the case, chris, thank you for coming in today and sharing your thoughts. >> my pleasure. bill: you got a question you want answered about the war on terror -- martha, you got a question? a form of a question. e-mail hemmer at also twitter bill hemmer. we'll get back to that. martha: have you heard this, the world's number one automaker, toyota, yanking eight, eight, of their top selling models from all of their show rooms. this is not just a recall, folks. they are suspending production and sales of
9:49 am
their top sellers, including the number two-car in america, the camry. the fox news car guy gary g gastileau is just ahead. go to, and get the story on this. we have a lot of toyota owners out there, it lists everything you need to know about your dwreet and gary will join us and tell us the rest. don't go away, we'll be right back.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
bill: we are look at what is simply an amazing story of survival out of haiti, getting theangs morning. u.s. troops, by the way, pulling a survivor out of the rubble. this is nearly two weeks after the island's initial
9:53 am
devastating quake. it's not clear if the 35-year-old man was trapped by that initial quake or one of the many aftershocks ripping through that island nation but soldiers from the 82nd airborne treated the man for a broken leg and severe dehydration, the haitian government declaring an official end to rescue operations over the weekend on saturday, however, they are still finding here and there people who have survived this earthquake, 14 days later. that's stretching the limits of the human ability to survive without water or food. sometimes in other parts of the world, there's a case in the philippines from 1990, where a guy survived by drinking rainwater, for 20 days. martha: someone said these people are experts at suferlg, they have been suffering so -- at suffering, they have been suffering so long, the strength of some of these individuals, that they have, is justun believable. bill billion the other
9:54 am
factor is if you can keep the debris off your chest and lungs and breathe, you can live, and this guy did. martha: and the guy with his arm stretched over his head, incredible picture. speaking of haiti's struggles to pick up the pieces after the massive earthquake, it is hard to imagine that level of large-scale destruction happening here in the united states but geologists say that it is entirely possible, if you think it would be in california, which we learned about from grade school on up, think about this one, this fault cuts through the heart of the united states, it's called the new madrid fault line, and it runs through missouri and tennessee. okay? there's a look at where that line goes. now, some experts fear the region may be overdue for a quake and may have been stirred up. mary ann silver is live in memphis with more. mary ann, most of us do not expect to hear about earthquake necessary that part of the country. how active is this fault line and how farreaching is
9:55 am
it? >> reporter: martha, that's true, you don't usually think of earthquakes happening in the center of the country. the last time there was a major earthquake here along the new madrid fault line was in 1812 and there was a series of earthquake, 7. o and 8.0. since then there have been around 100 earthquakes every six months or so. i'm going to show you a map, in the last six months, dots on the map represent small earthquakes that have occurred, and there have been nearly 100 since last july, and last week, there was a magnitude 3.3, which again is a small earthquake, but it is still cause for concern. joining me now is gary paterson, a geologist with the center for earthquake research at the university of memphis and even though there hasn't an major quake, you are taking steps to make sure that if it happens, people are protected. >> that's right, mary ann. memphis has made big steps, including the whole region, as we become more aware of the earthquake hazard here. building codes have gotten better, people have taken
9:56 am
steps to prepare and that will serve us during any disaster. >> reporter: let's tbawk some of the improvements, the building codes. i want to look at this bridge here, the i-40 bridge that goes right into memphis, you say there have been improvement toss this bridge in case a major earthquake should hit. >> the tennessee department of transportation, arkansas department of transportation and federal highway are spending over $200 million to retrofit this major art ery for transportation in the center of the united states. each pier is receiptry fit with ball bearings that absorb the motion before it shakes the bridge. >> also buildings, we're looking at downtown, there are a lot of buildings that are older and when they were constructed, they were constructed without reinforcements, so that's something you're looking at, too. >> absolutely. looking at the inventory analysis for these kinds of structures, older buildings are more susceptible. >> thank you gary paterson. back to you martha. martha: thank you very much, mary ann silver in memphis talking about that fault line. bill: not something you think about all the time.
9:57 am
we hear the national debt is on track to double in a matter of years, double, that is. in a moment we'll look at the presidents plan to turn that around. martha: you thought you saw voter frustration with washington last summer? let me tell you something, that is still very much alive, folks. we are back in the town halls when we return. t need
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10:00 am
some of the most popular cars on the road, the second largest automaker already recalling millions of vehicles a few months gook and now are completely pulling 8 models off of the lots and also halting production, while they try and figure out these faulty gas pedals that have been a problem and we're in a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," welcome, i'm martha maccallum. bill: and i'm bill hemmer, accelerators causing an unexplained burst of speed and for a long time they thought it was the floor mat and guess again. it affects the rav-4, corolla, camries dating back to 2007 and the matrix and avalons going back as far as 2005. in addition, highlanders, tundra pickup trucks and the sequoia suv, and gary gastelu knows all about cars here, good morning, gary, to you. why did toyota make the decision now? >> reporter: well, they have been having problems with the
10:01 am
assembly for a couple of years and apparently it began in 2007, and thought they fixed the problem then and last year realized the fix that -- had its own issues and decided we need to fix the entire accelerator assembly and keep in mind it's not just the pedal but the assembly, hooked up to the throttle system but one part seems to be a problem and they figured out that, we cannot deal with it the way we have been dealing with it and need to replace the assembly. bill: do i have my facts right now, they thought it was floor mats that may have gotten stuck beneath the accelerator and -- >> reporter: there are two separate issues and there was the floor mat issue where the pedal seemed to be too large and they are shortening it on a number of models and this is a separate one and the linkage to the lot toing from the accelerator -- to the throttle, where the problem is and it gets stuck and they say if you are experiencing a pedal that is not springing back as quickly as it should you might have the problem. but, keep in mind there are two
10:02 am
separate issues and 1.7 million cars are affected by both recalls, though, and this one is not specific to the floor mat issue which is already dealt with. and it a completely separate recall here. bill: this is huge and we have never seen it like this before in the history of cars in this country, or around the world and you can imagine how many people watching the program, and your report now drive a toyota vehicle. to them you say what, gary. >> reporter: the interesting thing is it happened last week and it want a big deal because they issued a recall, and what happened now is they were continuing producing these vehicles, because they saw it as a wear issue and they said, it's not a problem that you will have when you buy the car now, it will come down the road. and we'll give you -- produce the vehicles and sell the vehicles and fix it later and they realized that didn't look good and people didn't want to feel like they were get their lives put at risk, by a potential problem even if it was a year or two or three years in the future and i want to note, too, there is one pontiac model
10:03 am
affected, the pontiac vibe which is essentially the same car, as the toyota matrix, built at a joint venture plant between general motors -- >> one more question here. what is the point, do you call your dealerer check it at a local garage, call toyota. >> go to your dealer, bring it to your dealer and talk to them and they'll tell you what you need to do and possibly you can drive the car and nothing happens and maybe you don't have to leave it at the dealer until the fix happens. it will be a while until the parts are in stock and they'll replace them on existing cars, let alone start production which will be halted at least six days and maybe longer until they can get the supply line in order. bill: gary, thanks for that. appreciate your expertise, from, gary gastelu. martha: listen closely to this piece of information. on pace to double the national debt which is now at $12 trillion, to double that number, we're on pace to do, an apocalyptic prediction, coming through, a nonpartisan
10:04 am
congressional budget office. who adds things up and figures out how much we spaerending andw much debt we'll be in and this is a house budget committee hearing and they are chewing over the numbers themselves and the cbo putting out the ugly financial forecast, that is the back drop as we get ready for tonight, president obama is getting ready for his first state of the union address, showing the annual budget deficit will stay in the 1.4 trillion dollar range over a decade taking on about $7 trillion to our national debt. onto the already $8 trillion debt that is held by the public, tough to wrap your mind around all of these trillions. here to help us figure out what the president has in front of him, tonight, as he looks at all of these numbers is brit hume, fox news senior political analyst. welcome, good morning, sir, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. martha: he gets up today and looks at the job he has ahead of him and has to convince the american people he can turn
10:05 am
around the tanker of an economy. where one out of 7 people does not have a job and they've watched the unemployment numbers do nothing but rise since he started trying to tackle this problem. >> you have certainly outlined the circumstances very well and it is a very difficult bit of terrain for him to cover. i think what happened, martha, the debt issue, that you see, so clearly illustrated by the congressional budget office is one that started to worry independents in particular, going back as far as the stimulus bill. which was big spending piled on top of the already huge amount of spending entailed in the bailout. and they have been worried about it ever since and of course a lot of this would be alleviated if the economy were growing briskly and the revenue picture would improve and it wouldn't look so bad but now it looks terrible and as far as the eye can see you, and as unless and until the economy becomes more robust, this administration is going to be in a long and grim quest for revenue and money and
10:06 am
savings. the question then becomes, how serious can you be in an effort to try to do something about your budget deficit and your overall spending when the economy is in the tank this way? the president proposed this net freeze of a six or so of the budget, 5th or 6th of the budget and the problem with that of course is, on his left there is a mutiny over this. martha: at my house, it comes down to the discussion sometimes around the kitchen table, all money out the door, right? you have a certain amount of money that comes in the door and a certain amount of money that goes out the door and i think we have a chart that shows the direction that the u.s. economy has been headed in and president after president really has sort of chose to ignore the chart when you think about it and now, it looks like we may be in such a dire situation if we don't cut spending and don't get serious about cutting spending and this is something we haven't heard the president talk about will we hear him come out tonight and say, look, we have to cut the amount of money that we spend? we have to cut spending in a
10:07 am
really meaningful way? >> he may say that. and i... apparently he is attempting to do that at least in some areas of the budget. the problem of course, martha, as you know, so much of the budget is this automatic entitlement spending, and accounts for well more than half now of the annual spending done by the federal government. and getting in and making cuts in those programs is extremely difficult. i used to think when i first started covering washington many years ago the hardest thing to do would be to raise taxes and it turns out, experience has shown time and again that that is wrong and the hardest thing to do is make... seriously cut spending and the only time we have ever made any real progress against the deficit was in the latter years of the clinton administration, when we actually got the surplus and the mid years of the bush presidency when the deficit came down steadily over a period of years. and that was during a period of very lively, indeed booming
10:08 am
economic growth, it turn out in both cases there were asset bubbles involved and they had their own problems but, economic growth and the gusher of tax revenues is really the most effective way to do this. and the problem for president obama is, if he looks ahead of him all the forecasts are for sluggish growth and that does not produce the kind of tax revenues to seriously offset the spending and everybody wants him to spend more including many on his own coalition and party, in order to keep the economy revived or try to revive it. martha: he's got a lot in front of him and not to mention the ways to stimulate the economy and cut taxes and things like that as you point to and the problems he has in his own economic team that are also bringing up big stories out there as well. brit, thank you very much. you have a lot on your plate and we know you will be covering this and watching it along with us tonight as well. we look forward to that. see you soon. fox news is your number one source for complete state of the union coverage, we'll carry that speech live, just before 9:00 p.m. eastern time tonight, and we'll have the pregame and the
10:09 am
post-game and analysis with our full fantastic political team in full force tonight, right here, on fox news channel. bill: looking forward to that. martha: me, too. bill: geeks for that kind of stuff, aren't me! tonight! a little context in cutting the budget, interest of saving the money, the office of management and budget out of washington proposed a series of program cuts last may, programs that often duplicated other efforts. and guess how congress felt about that, william lajeunesse live in l.a., good morning to you, and what were some of those proposed program cutses, proposed, i emphasize? >> reporter: yeah, bill, speeches don't cut budgets, congress does and as you said, the omb proposed 120 different programs to be cut, duplicative, ineffective, et cetera and here's some that survived and we expect to see again. the president would want to either consolidate or terminate. let's take education. for instance, the department has 41 different programs
10:10 am
character-building programs, $12 million, to change kids' moral compass and studies show 75% of them had no effect at all on kids' core values and the christopher columbus grants, those are money given to teachers who are involved in discovery, according to the omb the department wastes 80% of its money on overhead, programs that don't work. and family direct loans, president tried to terminate this federal family loan education program last year, he says it wastes too much money and is skimmed over by private lenders and killed by industry and the literacy, national institute for literacy. a third of their money was wasted on brochures according to the omb and spent a half a million dollars on rent for an office for just 11 people, and, last year, half of their budget was spent on overhead and, finally the safe and drug-free schools program, $300 million, states love this money, bill, because they -- the schools get to use it in any way they want,
10:11 am
and again studies have shown that it has no effect whatsoever. on kids' -- >> are there other areas of spending, that are especially vulnerable to upcoming cuts. >> reporter: yes. you are going to see education, transportation, energy, and the environment, those areas that are going to be eligible for cuts and i'll go through it quickly if i can, abandoned mines, a program with $142 million, the feds say that is entirely outdated. the states get to use the money, some cases $100 million, any way they want. it has been outdated and there are several other, brown fields development allowed cities to build -- put buildings on former toxic waste dumps and that should be discontinued and environmental infrastructure, a program that congress literally waste -- rather uses for earmarks and, send it back to you, bill, the president, again, is going after programs that many in congress simply feel that they should use to put
10:12 am
earmarks, if you will, given back to the states and the cities. bill: you said at the outset speeches don't cut spending, william lajeunesse, live, in l.a., thank you and i don't know who was sneezing during your report, by the way! martha: i do! bill: guilty. thanks, william. martha: what is the president's own party thinking, he needs say tonight and what do democrats wanted to hear from the president this evening and an out spoken democrat on what the president's own party wants to hear, that is straight ahead, though. bill: also, house democrats -- a house democrat thought he was hosting a friendly discussion and that discussion quickly became anything but friendly. looking for more on the jersey shore... when we continue. >> act like a congressman and answering the... >> we're adults, whether you agree with the congressman, i happen to think we are lucky to have... take a good look around in congress -- what we have -- >> excuse me, i'm talking! i am talking! [ female announcer ] enjoy a complete seafood dinner for two
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bill: a big day when you here to music, right? and they are playing it. no secret americans are hurting and president obama expects to spend a lot of time later tonight talk about jobs in his first state of the union address from the hill. he's got a big job tonight and so do democrats in congress and one of them with me, anthony wiener, a democrat who is live on the hill to tell us what he wants to hear tonight, how are you doing. >> doing well.
10:16 am
thank you. bill: and the wall street polling out today, americans want the president and congress to focus on jobs and not health care. does that officially change tonight, do we put it on jobs and economy and health care is gone? >> health care is jobs and the economy. the fact of the matter is, so much of the drain on our economy right now is the high cost of health care. that's why so many employers cannot hire more people while so many people are losing insurance and going onto the federal insurance programs like medicaid, which are driving up the deficits, you can't separate one from the other but i think there is no doubt about it the president needs to make that case and many others about the idea that the economy is on our -- in our sights in congress right now. bill: you think about the last 11 months, do you feel like you wasted time? >> on health care? no. look, look, here's my view. my view is i hope we don't let health care as an issue die. i'll give you a statistic. $350 billion is the aggregate deficit in the 50 states,
10:17 am
democrat, republican, all states, all throughout the country, a third of that is health care spending. so, the idea that, okay we'll walk away from it, those states will have to cut firefighters and police officers and they'll have to raise taxes, so all we're doing is kicking the can if we don't deal with it today. bill: i understand the connection you are making with the economy and we have talked about that on tv before, especially on this program. but health care has gone nowhere. >> well, we certainly haven't passed it yet, it has got en further than a lot of people expected it to. it has gotten to the president -- >> even harry reid yesterday said, now we're in no hurry. i mean, this is after the senate body held a vote on christmas eve. >> you said it has gotten nowhere and i dispute that, it has gotten a long way and to the floor of the house and the senate where the final stretch is. i agree, today, we need a way forward and hopefully the president will give us guidance on that. i think we have to go back to some of the things that are popular and to contain costs like the public option and things we did, medicare, extending the life of medicare
10:18 am
which the house and the senate bill did that and make no mistake we have a set back and 41 senators now who say they want no health care reform and that is a big problem for us. bill: there are many asking the question how we dig ourselves out of this deep and honestly unforgiving hole of debt we're passing on to the next generation of americans. politico had a story and they polled a bunch of democrats on the hill what they wanted the president to do tonight and a number of answers came back, show your anger, talk about jobs and make a decision on health care, bash wall street was one of them offered and keep blaming republicans. and the last category, say what you want. and what do you want him to say? >> all of the above. look, i think no doubt about it. the president should say in some form, i get the message, i know some of the things we have been doing here are not resonating with the american people. there is no doubt about it. the deficit is a function of a lot of things but primarily a function of the fact fewer
10:19 am
people are, working and paying taxes and contributing the toucher the drain is on -- >> do you think in all honesty, would you give the same answer before the vote in massachusetts? before scott brown's earth shaker up there? >> oh, i have been on your program and others saying that i wanted the president of the united states to be much firmer about what he wanted in health care all along, but, in terms of the challenge that our country faces, it has not changed much. we're incrementally doing the things hopefully that will -- inure to our benefit and one reason you have big deficits is, fewer people are working and that is the holy grail of the situation, getting people back to work. bill: you put your finger on it. we'll see what we hear tonight, anthony wiener thank you from capitol hill, democrat out of new york. martha. martha: it's january now and after enjoying the holiday shopping blitz retailers often have to endure a slew of all the returns. but, now, you can profit from their pain. how to make big bucks off of other people's unwanted items, like that sweater i got you for
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martha: fox news is on the job hunts for you and consumer returns are always a thorn in the side of retailers of course and never like it when they see you coming back with a box with their name on it, now you can take advantage, thanks to web sites like, they sell customers' returns through on-line auctions. in many cases, to small businesses or individuals who resell those items for profit and it is like a little business going on the side there and this
10:24 am
past holiday the number of auctions on that site shot up 20%, and somebody's business is improving and the parents company also runs on-line auctions at marketplaces such as government liquidations and how can you profit from this kind of thing? our reporter is live at the warehouse in garland, texas. i said, that many times in a row, hi there, chris, how are you. >> reporter: i'm well, good morning to you, this is one of six warehouses across the country for and quickly before we lose this back drop, they are actually loading up the pallets of goods some people recently purchased on-line and wanted to show you that and look inside the warehouse and i wanted to bring in rob, quickly, vice president of marketing for and, our photographer shows us around your warehouse and explain how this works. >> this is one of six warehouse we have nationally for and what we do is work with the largest retailers in the world to sell
10:25 am
their surplus, overstock, customer returned products and people come to and bid on those and when they win the auctions they come and pick those up. >> reporter: talk to me about people who are making bids and you have an opportunity to visit with these people especially when they come into pick up the much and other times, you mail it to them and small business owners are profiting by purchasing things through you guys, right. >> we hear pretty amazing stories especially in this economy with people having lost their jobs and supplementing their income, people are buying products from us and selling it in their local community or on-line on the site like an ebay or amazon and then making a profit and it is allowing them to prosper in a tough economy. >> a great way to definitely looking for the second income, perhaps, maybe someone lost their job and can come to the web sites like this one and purchase things up to 50, sometimes 60% off, the retail value and turn around and silted on their own, martha, back to you. martha: kris gutierrez, thank you very much. bill: great idea, huh? especially now. there will be two people, martha
10:26 am
behind the podium tonight in congress. president obama, and the ghost of bill clinton. how the comparison may help or hurt the president's effort to turn the country around. martha: and he's one of the most celebrated college quarterbacks of all time. but now, some are expressing outrage over a new commercial featuring tim tebow. we'll show you the new twist in this growing super bowl related controversy, next. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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10:29 am
bill: troubling new report out finding the u.s. is not ready to deal with this biological terror attack and the white house is fighting back on that report. bashing the review and arguing it accomplished a great deal in one year to better protect the american people, caroline shivley on the story live in washington. the president addresses the issue later tonight. what do we expect on this topic, caroline? >> reporter: well, the president will announce a program to
10:30 am
respond faster and better to public health threats including bioterrorism. the white house officials don't agree with the report and they say they've accomplished a great deal to protect people from biological threats but that is one area the commission gave the government an "f" and saying they need to increase the responsibilities in case of a bioterrorism attack and increase intelligence and national security and the third "f kwos is recruiting national security experts and the government got "a" including reorganizing the national security council and regarding dangerous bacteria and viruses. bill: okay. it is me. i thought we'd go to a piece of sound there. sorry, and the new program, what will it do, do we know that. >> reporter: several things, we'll find out more in the speech tonight but they'll crank up the speed of delivery of drugs and if there is a major attack, anthrax for example, it is supposed to give the antibiotics to the affected area as soon as possible and will redesign the way drug companies make the remedy drugs, and the white house now says drug makers
10:31 am
go from the -- for the money making pharmaceuticals instead of public health requirements, bill. bill: thanks for that, we'll watch and listen later tonight, thanks, martha? martha: the fbi saying a man arrested in new jersey with an arsenal of high powered weapons does not appear to have any terrorist ties. lloyd woodson is now facing various weapons charges, when the police arrested him he was carrying a loaded assault rifle, he was wearing a bullet-proof vest and the most duisturbing part is what they found in his hotel room, another assault rifle, grenade launcher and this may be the most disturbing, a map of the fort drum army base in upstate new york. court papers do not say whether they think he was planning an attack on fort drum or anywhere else at this time. bill: from overseas, from eastern europe now, nazi death camp survivors, mark international holocaust remembrance day in poland. 65 years ago, the red army liberated auschwitz. today, elderly holocaust attend
10:32 am
former death camp and some bringing their grown children to pay tribute to the millions killed by the nazis. later today, iz rally prime minister benjamin netanyahu holds a separate ceremony at birkenau, also in southern poland, a mile down the road from the death camp known as auschwitz. martha: there is the state of the union address tonight and the president hayes lot on his plate, the ailing economy, what to do about health care reform and two wars that are being fought right now, and the state of the union address as we have told you will be tonight and critics are saying the administration's current course of action is not working. primarily for the economy. something president clinton faced similar circumstances in many ways, after four years in the oval office when he began to decide to retool his message. here's what he said then: >>... is over. [applause].
10:33 am
>> but, but we cannot go back to the times when our citizens were left to fend for themselves. [applause]. >> instead, we must go forward as one america. martha: to have a democratic president come out at that moment in time and that was after the tumultuouses 1994 election and say the era of big government is over. was a very interesting move on his part and josh joins me now, former special assistant and speechwriter for president bill clinton. you remember those days. >> i do remember those days. martha: and talk to me, if you were advising the president today and a lot of people look at his presidency and say which way will he go, a president who is pragmatic and says, i need to change with a changing situation, or is he, you know, more of an ideologue and somebody who believes that bigger government is better, and he will stick to that, his
10:34 am
principles on that front. >> he'll get back to the roots of what he ran on more than a year ago now, about jobs, the economy, middle class, and remind people, listen you voted for me because i told you i was going to turn the economy around and make things better for your lives, and, so i think -- and i heard already ten out of 12 pages of the state of the union are dedicated to the economy and jobs and helping the middle class, whether in education -- martha: and he was talking about the iraq and health care reform before, primarily. >> remember, the economy was cratering and he came out and said, i'm going to help you, pick me, john mccain doesn't have the answer. so i think you will see him go out there and remind people, we got distracted on health care and remember i'll help make your lives better and turn the economy around -- martha: let's look at the ways they have tried to do that. the stimulus package, they spent half of so far, $297 billion. so far we have seen unemployment rise during that period. and, we haven't seen any meaningful change in the economy. so, is he going to change -- if you are sailing, is he going to
10:35 am
tack at this point? will he say we need to cut tax and perhaps consider leaving the tax cuts we are putting in place that we have -- at least for now and do we need to reach out? we are hearing already to small businesses and make sure they get real money back in their pockets, so they can hire people. >> he's going to lean that way but also, i think he's going to try and take on what you are saying. he's going to say, listen, we are losing 700,000 jobs a month when i took office from george bush and we are losing 70,000 jobs a month. is it better in yes, is it what i want? no and we'll do more and help small businesses and do something with health care and help with education and continue to make the investments and he'll focus a lot on the deficit as you heard him talk about keeping it under control and that is tough and you don't want to run out and say you are spending the money without watching the deficit at the same time. martha: he can cut things out of the budget and brit hume said earlier it is the single hardest thing to do in washington. >> hard. martha: does he have the courage to take that on and is that an area where he can express leadership, in a way that perhaps nobody has seen from him
10:36 am
yet. >> he has to. and he's -- remember he's not just talking to people in the chamber, he's talking to 60 million americans. martha: you know who he is talking to, independent voters. he has to talk to independent voters. >> i completely agree and they want to hear you will help me get a job and not run away with the deficit -- martha: you can't help somebody get a job, you can help companies and even the big banks -- >> we can encourage. martha: the banks lend money to the small businesses and he's vilified a huge sector of the upper end of the economy that is part of the engine of growth and i wonder if he's at a point where he's accepting any of those arguments or does he totally write that off. >> 80% of jobs are small business jobs. martha: absolutely and they get their money from the big banks. >> but he'll show, i'll make invents in parts of the economy, to help stimulate and doesn't happen overnight and you had eight years of disintegration and more years behind that of tough times in the country and, a lot of rules were put in place that need to be fixed and he has to tell people, listen i'm making a lot of progress here.
10:37 am
you have to give me more time, we have slowed done the -- slowed down the job loss and turning the corner and it's the opportunity to convince people, stay with me, you say the independents. martha: the president is -- when it -- >> republicans have a 37% aprov approval rating and he's much higher than that. martha: and it is very, very early on in the presidency, a lot of time ahead and it is interesting, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. martha: we know you will watch tonight with great interest as will the rest of the country and fox news is your number one source for complete state of the union coverage and we'll carry the speech live before 9:00 p.m. eastern time and we'll have the pregame stuff, to weigh in on what to expect and the posting-game analysis, with our fantastic full political team out in force tonight, right here, on fox news channel. bill: in the meantime, martha, you thought the town halls of august were over, we found a scene in new jersey, the jersey shore was upset and we'll find out what set them off and first
10:38 am
hand, too, roll this. >> don'i don't know how i'll continue to pay for my mortgage if my business doesn't grow and flourish and the fact i have a five-year-old and nine-year-old i'm concerned what i'll do for their future. >> we want to make sure there are not -- they are not giving away more than we can afford to give away.
10:39 am
10:40 am
martha: apple revolutionized the
10:41 am
way we listen to music and now could change the way we surf the web and play games and watch movies and they will come out with what some say is a tablet-like computer and this is an artist's rendering of what it might look like and they are notoriously secret about what they'll be presenting and we'll have live coverage, scheduled for 1:00 p.m. eastern and we can find out what it looks like on bill: a lot of anticipation. martha: indeed, there is and what do you think about this and what do you care more about and a lot of people care about the gadgets, very deeply, right, do you care about the itablet announcement or, do you care more about the state of the union? hmmm... bill: do i have a vote. martha: i know your answer., you can weigh in on our home page and find the link to your "you decide" poll and vote and you can join the discussion on our fox forum page. bill: cool! martha: yes. bill: see how well, they sell, a thousand dollars per tablet and
10:42 am
we're free, by the way, and he was set to host a quiet discussion on a new fashination issues an rush holt got a dose of the jersey shore tea party patriots, sending a few messages he couldn't ignore. have you seen the videotape? >>... family members, and government... [booing]. >> that is the point, that is actually the point. they -- medical health care in canada is not a good model, it is not... and any of the legislation that is passed with congress, it is not... (inaudible) i understand. you have experienced it and -- [people talking over each other].
10:43 am
bill: and it went from there. mark falzon the coordinator for the jersey shore and tea party patriots, good morning to you, and you were the meeting and at a town hall meeting held back in the summertime and i give the guy points for showing up. what happened. >> he does show up and it is called a town hall but it is a town hall in name only and a structured environment and there is no give and take between the audience and the congressman. bill: in fact there was -- it seemed like give and take on that piece of tape there, how many were there, 125. >> approximately, yes. bill: what was your intent into my intent was to write directly to the -- express my displeasure at his voting record these past 12 months but as i was saying at the town hall, you have to writ put into a box and the congressman and his assistants pull the questions out, review
10:44 am
them, and, they'll take them and... i don't think i like that question, so they'll go through four or five, before they select one. bill: how did it reach this point? >> well, at that point, people were getting upset, that this was occurring, and cards with questions were being put back into the box. we were attempting to discuss directly with the congressman, and, we were having difficulty, so the place, the frustration just rose... bill: and you have a problem with his voting record and a problem with the amounted of money congress is spending. he's a democrat. would you have done the same thing to a republican? >> if he had that type of voting record, yes, sir. not only myself, all the tea parties in new jersey would have. bill: how significant do you think this movement is today, answer that and i have another one that is intriguing. >> i think it is very significant. and i believe the lessons learned from massachusetts are when the g.o.p. and the tea party activists combine forces
10:45 am
they are formidable and we are formidable. bill: on that pointe, there are reports, the tea party and republicans will split themselves and you'll have a diluted vote. what do you say to that. >> that is wish of thinking on the part of the obama administration officials and the part of the press. bill: how do you make a decision on who to vote for. >> we'll look at the candidate's voting record. we will discuss with him, we submit, in writing, questions that we review, and, if we find the candidate is solidly conservative and that's a whole other discussion on defining conservative, if we find that we will back them. bill: you know that just saying no will not make progress. >> yes. bill: what are your ideas? president obama gets before the american people tonight. what do you want to hear? >> i tell you one thing i don't
10:46 am
want to hear, the speech, i'm sorry, i just... i find myself these past few months i cannot listen to the gentleman on television. i'll probably be listening to mark levine and i prefer listening to what he has to say. bill: radio host. >> than what obama has to say. bill: how did you leave it with representative holt the other night. >> i never got to ask my question. bill: what was it. >> my question was, i wanted to know his approach towards the terrorists that were seized on foreign lands being tried in american courts and being covered by american constitutional rights. i never got to ask the question. bill: will you get another crack at that, when is the next town hall meeting in new jersey. >> i'm not sure. we'll check it out. we have many activists that advice us of all of the congressional schedules. whether rush holt or my congressman, who is congressman palone. bill: holt is not even your representative? >> this is very unique. the township i live in, has been
10:47 am
gerrymandered and half the township is in one congressional district. and across the street they are in a different one. bill: well, thank you for coming in today. good to get your perspective. we thought, frankly the town halls were over in august. >> no, they won't be over. bill: little did we know when folks like you show up. >> it won't be over until 2012 and we have a new president and at that time it will tone down. bill: 12 minutes before the hour. martha: since the attempted airline bomber on christmas day yemen emerged as a hot spot in everybody's radar in the war on terror and nations are getting together to discuss the threat and a lot is going on on the ground right now, too and how they plan to stop what is happening in yemen.
10:48 am
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10:51 am
bill: nine minutes before the hour and super bowl xliv, who do you like. martha: the saints. bill: i'll they can dhoelake th of the promising young players in the game is putting god in his play book, tim tebow. >> i don't feel like i'm preachy about it but i stand up for what i believe and you can respect that, i stand up and, unfortunately, today, society, not many athletes tend to do that. bill: the 2007 heisman trophy winner, never shy about his christian beliefs and wears it on his face, literally and now set to star in a super bowl ad with his mother, 30 ii spot detailing his mother's refusal to have an abortion when she was pregnant with him in 1987. despite advice he was getting from doctors. the commercial is paid for by a
10:52 am
conservative group focus on the family and part of it is celebrating life, celebrate family -- part of the "celebrate life, celebrate family" campaign. martha: and it has gotten controversy already and we haven't seen it and from what i have heard is it is subtle and it's not as in your face as, perhaps, the controversy is making it appear, and, as you say, we wears john 3:16 beneath his eyes and bible verses are a big part of his life. but, from what i understand the commercial is fairly subtle and is designed to make people think because you know... bill: tim tebow set one heck of an example, he does missionary work all over the world and i think he's 23, right? 23? >> interesting young man. >> i think he has one heck of a future for him ahead, not just -- and we'll see what happens.
10:53 am
martha: what does it say. bill: romans. martha: roman 1:16. we'll look forward to that and u.s. and other world powers are gathering in london to discuss the growing threat of terrorism in yemen and extremists there have been linked to several recent terror plots in yemen, and, including the shootings at fort hood and failed christmas day plane bombing. and that young man said to have trained in yemen as well and today's conference is aimed at changing the conditions within the country that allow the breeding of terrorists there, greg palkot is live in london and they are putting their heads together in london trying to get their arms around the growing radicalism that is coming out of yemen. that is a pretty big task. >> reporter: indeed, martha. yes, secretary of state hillary clinton is here and joins foreign officials and ministers from 20 countries, organization like the u.n. and imf and will meet in five minutes time, a concentrated two hour session, put together hurdly after the attempted christmas bomber and in advance, martha of another
10:54 am
meeting tomorrow about another hot spot, afghanistan, for the folks here trying to take advantage of a lot of officials in down who will be looking at, as you noted, social issues and development issues and seen as at the bottom, core of the terror, security issues in yemen and there will be no money and, in fact, there was $5 billion pledged three years ago at another meeting about yemen and because of the problems on the ground the money has not been spent and more the attention is to put concentration, pressure on the issue, and a contact group will come out of the meeting and they'll keep the eyes and ears of the world on yemen. martha: a lot of work to be done and special forces are in there helping on the military side. solving the situation on the ground in yemen and they are talking about the other side of the equation in london, discouraging the kind of growth and the yemeni government is working closely, we are told, with the u.s. government, on all of this.
10:55 am
>> reporter: yes, very much, security issues and new reports from the "washington post," elsewhere today, about u.s. special forces working closely with counterterrorism forces, in yemen and we were on the ground there for two weeks and saw strong indications of exactly that as well, and we reported it to our fox news viewers, i spoke to a u.s. official in yemen today, to re-up me on the issue and the person said, yes. there are consultations and cooperation and training and advice and intelligence shared and that is on the record. martha, off the record we got strong indications from a couple of officials there are heavy duty fire power involved, too, with the u.s. assistance for counterterrorism and perhaps missiles, rockets from the sky. but, this is a very touchy issue because we spoke to a radical cleric and he said there will be jihad against the u.s. if there are indications that actual troops -- boots on the ground are there and will be behind the scenes but important, martha.
10:56 am
martha: that is what we are hearing here as well and you you have been on the ground, reporting that, greg palkot, thanks. bill: you can feel it is a whole new battle in the war on terror. and president obama's stated of the union later tonight and what will americans want to hear and what does karl rove want to hear, karl rove top of the hour in minutes, right here.
10:57 am
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bill you can forget about lugging your cell phone in in to charge it, just crack open a can of soda, a london inventor claims he's created a cell phone powered by cola. martha: i'm powered bya! bill and caffeine. it generates electricity by carbohydrates, it can last four times longer than a standard lithium battery. who out there is buying this idea? martha: how does that work exactly, plug it into your coat? bill: apparently it's not available yet. martha: we could influencing into ourselves, right? bill: we run on sugar, every day. martha: coffee, diet coke, all that stuff. we'll do it again tomorrow. bill: see you tomorrow, state of the union, tonight, 9:00, prime ti


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